One night i had a dream…a very bad dream more like a nightmare. It looked so real, there was something that looked like a demon (the ones we see in movies cos i havent seen a demon in real life) on top of me. I was struggling,the demon was holding me down,i was screaming help but my voice was not coming out. It was so real i could  see my roommate beside me sleeping. I tried using my leg to reach her maybe she could wake up and see what was happening to me but no i couldnt. Then i shouted ‘blood of Jesus’ and i woke up. I was so scared,my heart beating so fast,i jumped up,carried my bible,laid it on my chest then i started praying and crying. I didnt even know what to pray about,i was just pleading the blood of Jesus. I was crying, crying that anything could have happened to me. Ive not always been faithful but yet he loves me so much,he loves me that just at the mention of his name that demon disappeared. His agape love towards me is everlasting. So many people that are far more faithful and more devoted have lost their lives one way or the other but still his grace has kept me alive till today. Im not a prayer warrior and i dont go to church regularly,yet he showed me that night that im still his daughter and he will never leave me. I feel i owe him so much,he is far too kind.
MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. Halleluyah!!!!!!!!



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