Last day of my final exam (last exam as an undergraduate) i woke up with menstrual cramps 😣😣.Something that ive been dreaming of,cramps now want to come and spoil it? No way! Fortunately, the pain was mild.
I took my mind away from the cramps
and focused on my reading cos i had to do some last minute revision then my friend Tutu that is suppose to do my makeup ( yeah i know,it was a big day for me i had to look beautiful) came back from class and showed me her finger which was quite swollen as a result of heat from palm oil,so painful. Anyway, i persuaded Tutu,she drew my brows and i did the rest. Took some pictures with my friends before leaving for the exam


image The exam questions were fair,i just couldnt wait to leave the exam hall and declare myself a graduate :D:Di mean five years? No be beans. I was very happy, Everyone was happy. We took pictures,Explorer the video director took a video of us saying one or two things about our experience in funaab,our regrets and so on.
I learnt so many things in school,made lots of mistake which i eventually learnt from.i wish i started well(in terms of grades), it is better to start well then try to maintain than to start low and try to meet up. I mean you can make it you are focused and determined but to be honest, it aint easy. Met amazing and interesting people. Had few relationships, each relationship was like a school to me..I Learnt from it and yes had an heartbreak that almost tore me apart but thats a story for another day. Funaab made me understand that every student in that school is in a race and they dont care who you are to them,they just want to get to the finish line first.




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