Beginning of a new journey

I finished my final exams and about to complete my project work. After my defence i will have to submit the hard copy to the department then the beginning of a new journey hence the title of this blog post.
To be honest i dont know what i’ll be doing, as a matter of fact im scared. Im scared of what is to come, scared of being too idle, scared of not being successful. Ok, let me tell you what i really want to do and hope to be successful at it.
1. My blog
2. An online gift/souvenir store
I dont even know how to start. My blog will start first then i will work on my gift/souvenir store.
The gift/souvenir store will be an online shop where u can order lovely gifts for your loved ones as well as consultancy service will be available if you’re confused on


What to gift your loved ones. I will also render services on packaging party souvenirs.




For now, i will focus on my blog.
          Im trying to develop my cv, lol.😁 I hope its not too early. Please any suggestions on how to develop my cv please. Forward them to my email address
I really dont want to sit at home doing nothing. Let me stop here for now.
Thanks for reading.

         “Many are destined to reason wrongly, others not to reason at all and others to persecute those who do reason” 
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