FIRST POST!!!!!!!!

Finally!!!!! My first post! Been procastinating but atlast. This blog will be all about my opinion on things happening in our society. It will be a medium where i pour out my mind concerning things going on with me and people around me. Im more of an introvert as i prefer to keep things in my mind and at the same time i’ve got millions of things running through my mind. I actually think the best way to speak my mind is through writing,hence the blog😆.

Im super excited cause i now have the courage to post things. I mean i’ve had this idea in my mind for a very long time.
I went for a friend’s wedding ceremony this weekend. Congratulations once again Tina.God bless your union.

The wedding changed my perception about relationships. Men want who they want. No matter how beautiful or sexy you may be,they want who they want. Which is in my opinion bad. I mean why waste the lady’s time when you know u can never marry her? Anyway,this is going to be a topic for another day.
I really cant get over myself, im actually blogging!!🙆 lol. Watch out for the next post.

Thanks for reading,
Love you dearly,


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